Friday, June 27, 2014


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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


If you've purchased the 2014 The Wheel of Time® Calendar, you know the art featured inside is pretty spectacular. If you haven't bought one yet, that's okay, too - there are still six months worth of awesome WoT art left! (You can get it for $10 at

But why should you buy a calendar when we're already six months into the year? Well, if you aren't planning on marking it with all your important dates, we suggest snagging one simply to get thirteen pieces of art for $10. What you do with it after is up to you, but we went searching for some different ways to re-purpose all that fabulous Wheel of Time art. Here are a few we found:

1) Use record album frames to frame them
Our calendar is 12"x12" which puts it almost exactly at the same size as a record album frame. We found an album frame that is exactly 12"x12", but if you buy them bigger, you can also use mat Cauthon board to fill the space. Consider framing six of your favorite images and tucking the other six into the backs of the frames for safe keeping. When you feel the need for a change you can swap them for six new images.

 More about this idea
Idea and photo from
2) Hang them on wood blocks
Hang as many or as few as you like, depending on your wall space. The main idea here is the extra depth and texture.

Similarly, you can also use this tutorial from The Sassy Pepper for adhering your calendar images to canvas.

3) Let the art "float"
Make Rand, Perrin and the rest really stand out in a "float frame," which you can purchase in stores or online.

You can also find DIY instructions for making them yourself if you are particularly crafty.

 4) Upgrade your tacky plastic drawers
If you happen to have any of those little plastic storage bins sitting around, you might consider this idea to give them an upgraded WoT makeover. Who better to guard your office supplies than Birgitte Silverbow? 

5) WoTs on the table?
If your coffee or end tables are right for it, arrange some of the art under the glass. You may even consider arranging some of The Wheel of Time Playing Cards with it. 

What about you? What other ideas do you have for re-purposing your past calendar images? Leave them in the comments below!