Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We at Ta'veren Tees are excited to release some new products to WoT fans, all of which debuted at JordanCon 7 this year. All can be found in the Featured Products section of our site.

The Queen's Blessing Tee Shirt
"The nearer they came, though, the clearer the instructions, until at last they stood before a broad stone building with a sign over the door creaking in the wind. A man kneeling before a woman with red-gold hair and a crown, one of her hands resting on his bowed head. The Queen's Blessing." -The Eye of the World, Chapter 26

Traveling through Caemlyn? You might want to stop at The Queen's Blessing for a meal and souvenir, or just pick up this tee from our store. The shirt is available in both men's/unisex style and women's fitted style. The art for this shirt was created by guest artist Edsel Arnold. It is printed on 100% preshrunk cotton and is available for $24!

Each purchase of The Queen's Blessing Tee comes with a free Queen's Blessing coaster, too!

Bandana of the Red Hand
You'll follow Lord Mat wherever he calls, right? Well, if you're ready to prove it, you might want to snag a Bandana of the Red Hand. The bandana features several verses of "Jak o' the Shadows" and can be rolled to show "Band of the Red Hand" when wrapped around your arm.  

Stained Glass Dragon Banner
Do you walk in the Light? Catch a little bit more light with this handcrafted, stained glass version of Rand's chapter icon, also known as the Dragon Banner. The red glass used was specifically chosen to look like dragon scale. The piece measures just over two feet wide and looks gorgeous in the Light. Only four are available; each numbered and signed by glass artist Barbara Cook. You can get yours here.

Signed, Limited Edition Prints
And finally, you can also grab some signed, limited edition prints by Ariel Burgess. These include the "Veiled Aiel" and "Moiraine Damodred" prints, size 11"x14". These are extremely limited, so if you want one, be sure to get one now!