Monday, April 29, 2019

Thank you for eight years!

Fellow WoT Fans,

We write today to tell you something many of you may have already guessed. After eight wonderful years creating and selling official Wheel of Time merchandise, our journey now comes to an end. Our hearts are heavy as we share this news, but also full from the love and loyalty you have shown us over the past years. Ta’veren Tees is run by only four of us, Elaine, Jeffrey, Kiley, and Sophie, and we are all Wheel of Time fans first, business owners second. We have striven always to create products that will represent the series in the best way, to make a shirt or coin or poster that will remind you of your favorite series and bring a smile to your face. We take our jobs as stewards of this brand, of Robert Jordan’s world, seriously, because it is a world we love deeply. If something you purchased from Ta’veren Tees has brought you closer to Robert Jordan, Rand, Mat, Moiraine, and fellow readers of the series, then we feel we have done our jobs.

Of course we know there are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel, but this is an ending. As of April 28th 2019, we will no longer be allowed to create new products, though all of our remaining inventory will be available on our site for a time. That means you’ll want to buy anything you’ve been eyeing, as our stock will not be replaced and soon all official Wheel of Time merchandise will be rare, limited items. Will there be sales later? Yes. But the items and sizes you want may be gone, so we suggest grabbing anything you really want sooner rather than later.

We cannot begin to express how much Ta’veren Tees has brought to our lives. It has been one of the greatest honors to be involved with The Wheel of Time in this way, to work with Harriet, Maria, and Alan to keep Robert Jordan’s memory alive. To interact so often with fellow fans who love WoT and like to pause just to geek out with us. When we go to JordanCon, we see an ocean of fans wearing Ta’veren Tee shirts and know there are many, many more of you out there, and that is a comforting, gratifying thought. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

May the Light shine on all of you, 
Ta’veren Tees


  1. So sorry to see you go! It's so hard finding any WOT products elsewhere and yours are amazing. Thank you for everything1

  2. Now the real Fan4Fan merches will be trumped by "official" crap made without heart based on the upcoming TV series (groan). COMMERCIALISED DROSS. I bet this is partly why these good folks were unable to renew their licence. I bought the blue Moiraine skewed "Wheel weaves..." tee years ago he is wearing in the page header above and wear it regularly. It still hasn't frayed and is of good quality. Can there no doubt commercialised for your demographic to come off some mass merchandiser claim the same mark of quality in future? I very much doubt not. Sorry to see these folks lose their licence rights all because of some stupid Game-of-Thrones like cheapening TV-spinoff...

  3. I'm sad also it's already morphed into a place I cannot go. I own many of the shirts and am buying the super large ones my daughter is taking them and making me tunic dresses from them. Thank you for being such a great asset for fans these last 8 years. I'm also sad because I'm just now in a financial place to be able to buy from you, and my favorites will be gone.